Thursday, October 23, 2008

november tastebud article:
A Bountiful Buffet
Fall is such a great time to plan a party! Gather rustic items together, cut berries from the garden, add mixed dinnerware and a few elegant touches to create a wonderful table.
Because we do not have a large enough table to seat all of our guests at, this year we will start with basic items on a buffet and pass the traditional turkey dinner items family style. To create a welcoming buffet and tables start by replacing the traditional tablecloth with a few yards of burlap. This is a no sew project- buy enough burlap to cover the length of the table with some overhanging the edges, then finish by pulling out a few strands to create a frayed edge. Burlap comes in many more colors than the standard tan, from blues and greens to a dark chocolate brown. Pick one that will coordinate with the rest of your d├ęcor and top everything from the serving buffet to the card tables used for extra seating at this time of year. For dishes I love to use one special seasonal set and add to versatile white dishes or here a deep turquoise and silver rimmed set of china. For the autumn a great brown transferware works perfectly for this rustic yet elegant setting. Place all of the dishes on an iron or wooden cake platter or in a basket on the buffet table. Use a garden urn to contain silverware and cloth napkins. Hunt garage sales, antique stores or your own home to find a tiered shelf or various sizes of baskets or cake plates to hold the rest of the items on the serving station. Here this wooden three-tiered shelf holds wine bottles, bar tools, autumn colored stemware and any other necessities. Now add in the natural fall elements that will really make the buffet and tables feel finished. There are so many varieties of gourds and pumpkins to choose from with the bright green apple gourd being one of my new favorites! Gather these various sized and shaped specimens on their own or in a rustic container for a centerpiece or anywhere there is an empty spot. For a floral element and a burst of color make small apple arrangements. Start with a good sized apple and hollow out the center. Add a small piece of wet floral foam (found at craft stores) to the center of the apple. Cut berries from the yard and buy a few fresh flower blooms from a local florist or grocery store. Cut the stems very short and insert into the foam, covering all sides, filling in the gaps with more berries or leaves in changing colors. I also love using wheat for autumn tables. Gather a bunch or two of wheat (fresh or dried) and tie together with a wide ribbon. Hold the center and twist the bunch slightly to allow it to stand on its own. Leave these around the house for the entire fall season. The final project for this occasion is to add the warm glow of candles. Place ivory pillar candles on the buffet and with the gourds in your centerpiece or make these votive cups for some more accent light. Wrap glass votive cups with brown corrugated paper and tie with ribbon. I recycled this from a recent package or you can find it at the craft store when you are there picking up the ribbon, burlap and floral foam.
Take time to celebrate with friends and family the simple and natural abundance of fall with a hearty meal, the last of the garden’s offerings, gathering up supplies from home and give thanks for all we do have.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

no weddings this weekend, but two fun baby showers! this first one at a home with modern decor. we lined the center of the dining room table with arrangements and wheat grass in square glass vases. flowers included annabelle hydrangea, orange roses, mochara orchids, ferns, gerbera daisies, coleus and cornflower. wheat grass in a wooden bowl was a fun addition for an outdoor table.

the other shower for a baby girl. they wanted bright pinks and oranges with lots of textures for a fall feel. flowers here included latin ambiance roses, hydrangea, gerbera daisies, coleus, grevilia and katone aster.

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