Monday, May 12, 2008

here is a look at my next article for tastebud. the theme for the issue was salad so i thought it would be fun to create a centerpiece out of planted salad ingredients. i used cabbage, broccoli and brussel sprouts mixed with non-edible plants such as verbena, coleus and dusty miller. other plants that would work: red and green leaf lettuce, arugala and edible flowers like nasturiums.
the little pots are an easy diy project. i spray painted them with chalk board paint from the hardware store and planted herbs in them. you can then label with the type of herb or use them for place settings and write your guest's name on them.
these great trays are from local designer kathi hardin with traybella. she creates fun trays in various designs and colors. they work great for serving drinks on the patio, taking items out to the grill, containing the piles of mail and paper work that seem to land everywhere and as the base of centerpieces.
the final detail for this table are the outdoor dishes from pryde's in old westport. the look so real that i passed them by until the sales lady told me they were for outdoors. they come in many fun colors and patterns from traditional to modern. i could spend a lot of time and money in this store!
these great photographs are from sara farrar. her pictures make even the most simple of ideas look so neat!

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